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How to find the best rates for a Recurring Deposit

The table above provides the best Recurring deposit rates for the selected duration and deposit amount. Use the slider to change the FD amount. The FD duration can be updated by using the duration dropdown. If you are a senior citizen, please choose the appropriate status so that you see the correct Senior Citizen FD rate.

News about Recurring Deposit

How NRIs can make use of recurring deposits?

RDs offer its customers an approach, based on a precise goal, for investments at alluringly high rates. Thus, no matter you want to build a fund for your childs education, or buying a house/car, or a dream holiday, RD will help you save a little every month towards achieving your financial goals.

Budget pinch: Pay tax on interest from recurring deposits

Now the recurring deposits have been brought under the TDS ambit which means that if your earnings in a year from recurring deposits are more than Rs 10,000 then there will be an amount deducted and the net figure would be available to you at the time of the payout