Privacy policy

Dear Visitor / User,

Chequecut Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CTPL) welcomes you to We aim to be your key guide and relationship manager for all your financial services requirements. We value the trust that you have reposed in us, and as a matter of record would like to state the Terms and Conditions we will employ in managing and being accountable for all the Personal Information you would vest with us.

By continuing to access our website, you are thereby acknowledging that you are in Agreement with our Privacy Policy and that any personal information you share with us, is immediately within the purview of this policy. Consequently CTPL retains with itself the right to access and disclose your personal information subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below –

1. CTPL retains with itself the right to grant access or use to the services of after you have registered on the website, created a user name and password, and if necessary passed some process of us validating whether your credentials are bonafide.

2. While some of our services are open for general browsing, should you wish to access more advanced services, CTPL will collect basic information like Name, Address, Mail/Telephonic contact information more as a method of validating that you are a bonafide individual and as a means of ensuring that you meet relevant age, residence or any other requirements as per the laws of the Republic of India.

3. In case you choose to access or avail of specific services like applying for loans, credit card products, insurance etc, which are on offer form our financial services partners, affiliated service providers etc, CTPL has the right to ask you to provide relevant documents pertaining to your financial status (like bank statements, credit card statements etc). Further we may also ask for validation documents on your identity and address l(Passport copy, driving license copy, Aadhar card copy etc.).

4. Please be assured that at all times your personal and financial information will remain solely within the custody of CTPL. We will never sell or reveal this personal information to any parties without your consent, or you endorsing the fact through some online mechanism that the information can be shared.

5. CTPL retains with itself to access and use some of your personal information internally for its own datamining and product profiling requirements. All such initiatives will be conducted within the confines of the CTPL premises, with no third party participation. Such exercises are conducted in order to help us analyse the performance of the various products and services we offer, if necessary modify the same, or alternatively add on new services.

6. CTPL will never sell any of the information to third party marketers, digital advertising agencies, database collection and sale agencies.

7. CTPL retains with itself the ability to track your online sessions and traffic. This could be done through technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, trackbots etc. These will be “session specific”, and if required, to be done on a permanent basis, will be only done post informing you. You will have the option of not having these tracking tools, through activating relevant settings on your internet browser that blocks such tools and technologies.

8. If you agree to register or access for a service or product belonging to our affiliates, partners etc. then once you acknowledge applying for the same, we retain the right to pass on some or all of your personal information, that is relevant for them to assess as also help you access or avail of the product or service. CTPL thereafter has no control on the specific Privacy Policies of the affiliate / partner. The onus is on You as a user MUST access the specific Privacy Policy of those firms or companies and be comfortable with the same, before asking us to register you for a specific service or product as offered by them.

9. From time to time, CTPL retains with itself the right to contact you to participate in reviews, online or telephonic feedback sessions, chat room based sessions, or write on our blogs. All such information obtained from you will be treated as the property of CTPL. CTPL will also offer you the opportunity to display your feedback as testimonials, with your permission. These testimonials when displayed will include your profile picture, name and city. If you at any time want the testimonial to be removed, you may write back to us at, or alternatively call on our helpline numbers, and the same will be done within 72 hours.

10. Notwithstanding, all conditions being applicable, there may be occasions when CTPL may have to share your personal information, at its own discretion, conditional to the following –

    a. Having to comply with the laws of the land and specific Acts which govern the internet (please refer to ToU). This could include subpoenas by the Courts, legal processes or due diligences where the company is a participant, matters of criminal investigation etc.
    b. In the case of the company being merged with or being acquired by another entity, wherein the process of validating the user base of the portal or the total number of transactions / sales done makes it mandatory. However in such cases, we will notify you 7 days in advance of the same, with an option for you to delete your account.

In accordance to the norms laid down by the Information Technology Act, 2000, please find given below the Name and Contact details of the Nodal Grievance Officer –