Terms of Use

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  • Welcome to www.bemybanker.com, an electronic website (Site) wholly owned and operated by Chequecut Technologies Private Limited, a company registered and operating from Bangalore. Before you log on, browse, or use this site, you must Agree to the Terms of Use (ToU).  Consequently usage of any functionality of this site, or filling in any application form or participating in any promotion, dialogue or multiple interface will be construed as you having read the same, and being in acceptance of this ToU. If these Terms of Use are not acceptable, then please desist from accessing this site or using any of the functionalities therein. In the interests of your protection, we would recommend that you take a Print Out of this ToU, and refer to to it before logging in or registering on the site.
  • 1. Definition and Description of our services
    Through this site, Chequecut Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CTPL) provides online visitors and registered users an opportunity to access information (but not restricted to) about Banking Services and Products. These could include loans, insurance products, credit cards, banking accounts and related transactions. These services could be offered by individual or consortium of financial institutions with whom CTPL may have varying degrees of representation, sales or marketing rights including right to collect personal information for filling up forms, right to seek service charges (wherever applicable) etc. Further post registration for any service CTPL, has the right to contact you and seek further information specific for the service/s you have registered or acknowledged interest in. CTPl also maintains the right to send you promotional information from banks and financial institutions specific to your interests, from time to time.

  • 2. Proprietary rights
    Through your very first site access, you accept and agree that CTPL is the sole owner to all legal rights, titles and interests in www.bemybanker.com. Consequently all services, functionalities, interfaces, databases, information presented on this site (which is a direct creation of CTPL / www.bemybanker.com / appointed agents etc) lies fully vested as being part of the intellectual property of CTPL., irrespective of whether these rights are registered or not, and wherever in the world this site has been accessed, whether there be a physical presence of CTPL or not. 

    Further, you unconditionally accept, primacy of CTPL as the original creator and owner of content, designs, trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and/or any distinctive design and branding features. Further you agree not to copy in part or full any of the content, designs, trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and/or any distinctive design and branding features, with the purpose of creating related work , modifications, replications, re-engineering or reverse engineering of product, source code etc.

    Further you hereby accept not to try and sell in any form, sublicense, or earn profits in any way from the replication, representation or sale in any manner of the content, designs, trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names and/or any distinctive design and branding features

  • 3. Eligibility
    The site is not to be accessed by any individual below the age of 18. Equally, please do not register on this site if you are not an Indian citizen or do not qualify as a Person Of Indian Origin, with tax paying status in the Republic of India. This site is not available for users who have been removed, banned or prohibited by CTPL for any reason whatsoever. Equally this site is not to be accessed by any indivisual on whom the Government of India has placed any civil or criminal curbs from holding a bank account, owning any financial instruments or accessing any financial product or service.
  • 4. Non Transferability
    A user will be entitled to have only one Registration and Log In. No user can sell, trade, assign or transfer their account to any other individual.
  • 5. Operation of Your Account
    By registering on www.bemybanker.com, it is assumed as a user has agreed that he/she is a bonafide entity with adequate proof of name, age, address, is of legal age to communicate, enter into commercial arrangements, make purchases etc on the internet or any other online shopping or information interface. You also agree to be held legally liable if CTPL or any of its banking partners find such information as a misrepresentation, or an account has been created with fraudulent or maleficious, or malicious intent. You also further agree that CTPL and the financial institutions it represents has the right to terminate in part or full, any such services accessed or products and services accessed and paid for, with due forfeiting of monies, premiums, incentives, rewards on your side.
    Further you accept all responsibility for the administration of the username and password of your account. CTPL will not bear any responsibility or liability if your username or password is leaked, unless the same is clearly identified as a security breach of access at the CTPL end.
  • 6. Partners and Affiliates
    CTPL does not recommend, offer expert advice, or endorse any of the products and services being displayed on its website www.bemybanker.com, unless the same is an exclusive creation of CTPL. All products and services as offered by financial institutions, insurance agencies, banking institutions are the creation fo these bodies. CTPL does not vouch for the accuracy, timeliness, completeness of information on offer from these third parties. Any interactions with third parties accessed through the Site is at your own risk, with no liability with respect to any acts, omissions, commissions, errors, representations, failures etc.
  • 7. Liabilities
    CTPL will hold itself harmless against any liabilities , and make no refunds or recompense in the event of any delay, cancellation, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond its direct control. CTPL will also hold itself harmless if there are any expenses and delays due to delays or omissions due to the acts of any Governmental body, agency or declared authority.
    CTPL and its affiliates will not be held liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, spcial, specific, consequential damages arising from or in any way connected to your access, lack of access, display, lack of display, use or non use of the site. While it is in the best interests of CTPL to ensure 100% uptime and operability of the Site, the company holds itself harmless for any “non performance” of the site. Further CTPL will not be held accountable for any damages to user computer from any viruses, malware etc which may have ingressed while browsing the site, or through accessing the Internet.
    CTPL in no way endorses any opinions expressed in site whether they be from site users, financial institutions etc. 
  • 8. Indemnification
    On registering with www.bemybanker.com, you agree to indemnify and hold all Directos, officials and employees of CTPL harmless from any claims, demands, causes of action, recoveries, losses, fines, penalties, costs of expensesof any kind or nature, attorneys fees etc arising out of any case or matter relating to your violation of any laws, rights of a third party or the use of the site.
  • 9. Creations, Modifications and Changes
    CTPL retains with itself the sole and exclusive right of modifying the following –
    • All design and user interfaces on www.bemybanker.com
    • All formats of data collection from users for registration
    • Create new Terms of Use, or modify the existing terms.
    • Create prequalification or disqualification criteria, based on which user access can be modified, enhanced or limited.

    Should a user not wish to continue to use the site, post these creations, modifications or changes, CTPL will offer them the option of deleting the account, on which the company will transfer to them through registered mail, all information in their control which is of a non electronic nature.
  • 10. Survival of Term
    Notwithstanding any other provisions of this ToU, or any general legal principles to the contrary, any provision of this ToU that imposes or contemplates continuing obligations on a party will survive the expiration or termination of this ToU.